Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Marathon

I've been watching the SAW Series this week. It makes me feel so badass. They reallly aren't as bad as I thought they would be.

I have no plans for tomorrow. It's going to be weird. I'm used to having a party each New Years Eve, but it won't happen this year. I could have gone to see RHPS, but my parents weren't going to take me to New Ox, and part of me didn't want to go either. It was fun on Halloween, but I'm just not in the mood to go again.

But I am going back to SU soon. :) Can't wait. I'm in the middle of packing and sorting through my things this week before I go back.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Well, I'm not going too far. But I am going to NC tomorrow for a few days to have Christmas: Part II with the rest of my family. Six hours in the car with my parents and my grandma should be fun. There is actually no sarcasm in that statement. We've gotten along pretty well these last few days.

It'll be spending time around my brother that's going to be the "fun" part.


It's the day that children all over have been waiting for. Only, this kid thinks it doesn't feel like Christmas. There's something about the mood that's different. Maybe it's because it's the first Christmas I didn't spend with all of my family at once, and the first Christmas where I went to church and heard my dad preach instead of some other pastor.

It's weird this feeling. I'm used to opening presents on Christmas Day, then going to my aunts house for food and to spend time with the whole fam-damly.

Not to say that today isn't great, because it definitely is. I got everything I wanted and more. It's just weird, that's all. It's different. It's a change.

But on a better note, I've had a wonderful Christmas so far. I got what I wanted and I am spending the day with my Aunt Barbara, grandma, and my parents, and the cat, of course.

My parents got me all kinds of soundtracks. I'm especially stoked about the South Park Movie one! That was a complete surprise.

Can you tell I was excited?

Best Christmas EVERR! West Side Story, Legally Blonde, Gypsy and South Park (and the fack that I got my camera tri-pod)! What could be better?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My grandma is coming up from NC today, and at some point she will be joined by Aunt Barb. Oh, what a wonderful combination this is going to be.

Most of you don't know this but Grandma+Barbara=incessant arguing/bitching and moaning about the other. They drive each other crazy.

My grandma, bless her heart, is a wonderful person. She does, however, have some qualities that are a bit more than annoying. For instance: on a Saturday morning you want to sleep in, right? Well, that's next to impossible because this woman starts banging pots and pans around at 5:30 am. Why is she up at this ungodly hour? Because she's up that early every morning regardless of when she goes to bed.

So, if you're lucky enough to sleep through all the banging, at some point you will be awoken by her checking up on you. The door opens loud enough startle you into cardiac arrest. She doesn't mean to, she's just trying to make sure you're breathing, but it's still frustrating.

And, if you've managed to fall back asleep after wetting yourself from fright, she will come into your room at 9/10 o'clock to ask, "Are you going to sleep the day away?" That is unless you have somehwere to be, then she says, "It's time to get up. Up an at 'em. Time's marching on."

In that order. Every. Single. Time.

And like most people, when I wake up, I can't eat right away. I have to wake up first. Apparently, this woman doesn't realize that for some people, the thought of shoving food down your throat as soon as you wake up is gagnacious, stomaching-churning horror. Because as soon as your feet hit the floor, she's asking what you want to eat. Can I wake up and let you know in like 20 minutes? Because, at the moment, thinking of food makes me want to hurl.

For the three years I lived with this woman, I was unable to break her of that morning harassing routine.

You can see why this would be annoying, right?

As for Aunt Barb, she just complains about everything. My this hurts, my that hurts. She's 67 going on 135. And what makes Grandma so angry is how sloppy Aunt Barb can be. Grandma is a neat freak. Barbara is the polar opposite of that.

So, for the next few days, I will get to hear the lovely caterwauling coming from their mouths and I'll get to deal with each of their minor nuisances.

If I return after Christmas a bit more crazy than normal, you now know why.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Strange Days at Tommy Hilfiger.

You know, I really love my job. Well, it's possible that love is actually an overstatement. I really like my job. I like the people I work with (mostly) and I don't really mind the folding/hanging/ringing/refolding/stocking/etc. And for the most part, the customers are nice, friendly, understanding people. Of course, someone is going to be an asshole, but I don't really encounter that too often.

Aside from those things, I generally have fun at work even if it's a day like today: I worked 9 hours with an anticipated visit from corporate (Mark never did show up, by the way), and there were various funny things said over the walkies.

But today, bizarre things/slightly annoying things happened. First, I got to be someone's bitch. And by bitch, I mean this: The lady walks in, fills an entire bag full of clothes (this is usually a good thing). She then tries to take all 20+ items into the dressing room. I politely told her that she could only have in 6 items at a time, it's store policy. She huffed and puffed at me (but did not try to blow me down). Her son then went into the dressing room, and I politely told him that only one person was allowed to be in the room at a time. She got angry again. Her son left, and I proceeded to leave before I rolled my eyes at her.

About fifteen minutes later, I checked up on her to make sure everything was going smoothly. Apparently everything she tried on didn't fit her or it fit, but didn't go with a particular sweater. She wouldn't buy anything unless a shirt went with a sweater and vice versa.

In my attempt to get the woman out of the store, I ran around trying to pick out different sweater/shirt sets that she hadn't already tried. Toughest. Thing. Ever. She was fanatically picky, and I did this for about half an hour.

Each time I would go back to help her remove items she didn't want from the dressing room, they would be hung. And normally this wouldn't pose a problem except they were all hung inside out. Really? Really? You can't turn it right-side out? Sigh.

When she finally finished, another ten to fifteen minutes later, I was more than glad to see her go. She did buy a few things, I'm not sure what, but something. I hope she doesn't come back any time soon.

Now for the strange thing of the day:

A woman came into the store. I was folding shirts, when I overhear Kat say on the walkie, "Women's Shop 1 has just turned into a personal nursing station." I wasn't sure I heard her correctly at first, so I had to turn around.

And when I did...

The lady was stripping off her shirt. As in over her head to reveal her cami, nursing bra, and not-so-fit abdomen. I was shocked, appalled, and then confused. WHY would anyone do this? Why would you do it in front of a PICTURE WINDOW? What the hell, woman? Do you have no shame?

Thankfully, Sarah told her that she could go into a dressing room to change, but that she couldn't do it on the store front.

It's things like that, that make a 9 hour shift fly by. It's also why I really like my job.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day

Here in northern Maryland where I'm located, it has been snowing for about 22 hours non-stop. What does that mean? THERE IS 20 INCHES OF BEAUTIFUL SNOW ON THE GROUND!

Never in my life have I seen so much snow. It's gorgeous! I'm so giddy at the moment I can hardly stand it!

It is, unfortunately, cramping my plans for tomorrow. I was supposed to go to New Oxford so I could sing at the choir concert, but I'm assuming that it is going to be cancelled. This means, that the concert will take place on the snow date, Monday. That's all well and good, but I have to work on Monday 4-close. The concert would be at 7. Do you see the problem?

So, I'm praying that CVSD decides to have a snow day Monday so I can see the concert at a later date.

Other than that, things should go according to plan. Church is going to be postponed for two hours, but Dad is still planning on having it.

I'm just excited that there is going to be a white Christmas! The last time I experienced one was the horrible ice storm NC had in 2003. It was the week before Christmas, I think, but this time, it's going to be legit.

I can't stop smiling.

Here are some more pictures I took today:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm kind of glad that, unlike my friends, I have no finals right now. I'm also sad that I'm not at school right now to share in the hatred of finals. But I will be going back soon and it's exciting.

I got to talk and catch up with Dr. Eck today. God, I love that woman. She always makes me smile; especially because she laughs at everything I say. It's a real confidence boost.

Renee and I talked about having a Girl's Day and that's completely exciting.

Also, I should probably go to bed considering that I have to get up in six hours so I can go to work. Corporate is stopping by tomorrow and there is a lot of stuff to fold.

I'm sure that's what I'll be doing all day tomorrow...folding. So to keep my sanity, I need as much sleep as possible.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Know What I Really Want For Christmas

It's not a White Christmas.
It's not one where I get everything on my list.
I want one where my entire family gets along for more than 3.275 seconds. I want a nice, solid 5 minutes.

Five minutes of peace.

No fighting.
No hitting.
No lashing out with fork'd tongue.
No name-calling.

Just five minutes where we all (at least pretend) that we love one another.

Just five minutes where there's a classic silver screen Christmas.

Just five minutes.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good News

I'm going back to SU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

List of Complaints

  • My sleeping schedule is out of whack.
  • I can't seem to get enough sleep (more so than usual).
  • I'm hungry all the time and gaining weight (I think). Can someone explain that one to me?
  • I've consistently gotten a migraine every day this week.
  • I'm hungry all. The. TIME.
  • Today I got the feeling I was going to projectile vomit after I ate.
  • This girl needs to get her neck adjusted. The pain and stiffness is making me feel old.

That is all.

Off to eat.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Smile though your heart is aching.
Smile even though it's breaking.
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by.

God, I hope so.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Made my life. Best season finale ever.

I'm not putting up with my "friends" making big deals about stupid shit on facebook. It's not worth it. You don't like my status updates, hide me. Don't bitch about it. So yeah, I removed you from my friends and blocked you. Don't accuse me of "trying to get attention" because of my status updates. I'll update them as frequently as I want.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm inspired to write, but I can't think of anything which always leads me to ramblings. But I guess that's okay. I mean, the thoughts that go through my mind are just completely random anyway...

Right now I'm just really inspired in general. My heart is floating in my body, I'm happy. I'm so happy, in fact, I'm crying. I just read the most genuine post of my friend's blog. It was the most sincere, loving, amazing thing I've ever read in my entire life.

Katie is so...nice isn't powerful enough word, genuine, that's what I want to use, and her heart is made of pure gold. You read her words and her thoughts and it just hits you. The words come around, out of the computer screen, and wrap around you. They're uplifting. She knows herself so well. Her intentions are always good. And she can make me smile even on my worst days.

You know what else makes me smile? Glee. The finale is tomorrow, and I'm stoked. Right now, I've decided to just do what makes me happy. Selfish? Maybe so. But I think that doing things for yourself, being selfish in a sense, is okay. If you keep giving, soon, you'll have nothing left to give. Am I right?

I've just decided that right now, things are stressful, and I just want to do what is going to make me happy. Sleep all day? Okay. Indulge in chocolate? Absolutely. Stay at home and watch my shows? Fine. It's keeping me happy inside. Right now, that's what matters most to me.


Monday, December 7, 2009


So, I finally got a response after much waiting, anxiety, and an email later.

Nothing is official, but I was told, "The news is good."

So, I guess that means I'm going back.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This disagreement with her is really getting under my skin. I've apologized over and over again. It's really getting me down. I don't want her to be mad at me, I want to start back at SU on the right foot not with us fighting.

Thinking about it makes me want to cry. I really wish she would talk to me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sorry, I was foolish

Yesterday, I think I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I had to judge something and draw conclusions from something of which I knew nothing. Way. To. Go. I was immature, stupid, and completely in the wrong. I don't have two cents to put in when I don't know what's going on. Now, I have my foot in my mouth.

And I'm sorry. I don't know how else to say it. If I could say it to your face, I would in a heart beat. But that's not the case. I've called you, sent you a text, etc. I don't know what else to do except leave you alone.

And that's really hard for me to do. I hate it when others are mad at me. I hate hurting other people's feelings especially when they're my friend. It makes me feel horrible.

Please, talk to me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Time is Here!

And I'm finally stoked!

I did lots of Christmas shopping yesterday, and I'm almost done. :)

Now I just have to wrap and send a few of them.