Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hobby and Randomness

In my spare time, I really enjoy making collages. I've made a cover for a diary, an art piece to hang in my dorm, and some inserts to go into the clear pockets on the front of binders. Recently, I've decoupaged some magazine clippings onto two wooden "M's" (decorative ones) and an old picture frame. I only have a picture of the newest M that I've decoupaged but maybe soon I'll have a picture of the other M and the frame.
It doesn't really take too long; the most time-consuming part is figuring out what I want on the material I'm covering. Things can never be too small, but they can be too big. Sorting through what I like and what I feel will work takes time; but it's relaxing so I don't really mind too much.

Once I have all the pieces, I just use Elmer's Glue (in the bottle not the stick) since it's much cheaper than actual decoupage paste and does the same thing to paste the clipping on the material and then some to put over the pasted piece. This top layer keeps the ends from curling up once the glue has dried. Any thing that sticks out over the edge of the material can either be snipped off or pasted on the back of the material. For my most recent M, I chose to snip the excess off.

Aside from the decoupaging, I haven't really been doing too much other than working and trying to stay cool in this hellish heat. Although my room is a sanctuary from the heat during the day, it can get a little cool at night; cool enough to need a blanket. It isn't just any blanket I grab for when I get chilled, it's a special blanket. I acquired this gem a few months ago at Sears for a measly $5. It's a dinosaur blanket. It's meant for small children but it suits me just fine. This blanket is that nice, soft microfiber fabric that is to-die-for soft. The fabric is not a dinosaur print but a shape. The blanket is meant for children to wear not 19-year-olds. But it was so adorable (and soft) that I just had to have it! It has a hood and pockets at the end for one to slip hands in. Above these pockets are claws. It even has a little tail in the back! It's quite adorable--so adorable in fact that I ran around Sears saying, "RAWR! I'm a dinosaur!" and ended up embarrassing my mother. (But she was the one that pointed it out to me...).
I'm so excited to take this back with me to school. I'll be the envy of all my friends!